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Simpli Rooted

Support Blend

Support Blend

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Custom Support Blend of your choice. 

It does not matter what dis-ease the body is experiencing ( mental, physical, emotional or spiritual) there is an essential oil that can help support you. Essential oils are super concentrated herbal extracts. Creating a very potent blend to support you, as just one drop of oil  is roughly equal to 3-4 cups of raw plant matter. I will be blending different oils together created and targeted to just what you need support with.

Blends come in 3 sizes 15ml, 30ml and 60ml. All blends will be blended with St. Johns Wort carrier oil. These blends will be ready for topical use. 

When you get to the cart in the "special instructions" section put what you would like support with and I will create a blend specific for your need. 

Here are some examples of what you could want support with:  liver function, respiratory, heart, depression, seizures, headaches, growing pains, thyroid, kidney, eczema, lymphatic, allergy, arthritis , energy, anxiety, cold and cough. 

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