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Simpli Rooted

Personalized Crystal Charged Blend

Personalized Crystal Charged Blend

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This custom roller is available with the crystal and oil blend of your choice. Each blend is made with high quality essential oils which are surrounded by cleared and charged small crystals, set with healing intention for you. 

Uses: Roll on wrists, neck, back of ears. 


AMETHYST (third eye chakra) Intuition and insight, insomnia, connects to higher self and the Divine, creativity, manifestation, stress and anxiety, nightmares, addiction.

BLACK OBSIDIAN (root chakra) aura cleansing, grounds, release anger and resentment, protection against negative energy

CITRINE (solar plexus chakra) Prosperity, self-esteem and self-image, creativity, encourage generosity, promotes clarity of thinking, manifestation, asserting personal will, facilitating new beginnings.

CLEAR QUARTZ (crown chakra, all chakras) connection to the Divine and higher consciousness, protection, cleansing and purification, amplifying energy and thoughts, clarifying thoughts and beliefs, balancing body-mind-spirt, improving concentration 

GREEN AVENTURINE (heart chakra)- enhances leadership abilities, promotes prosperity, promotes unconditional love, releases anxiety

LAPIS LAZULI (throat chakra) communication of all types, particularly written communication, increases learning and teaches the value of active listening, helps calm the mind while strengthening your memory, encourages honesty, speaking one’s truth, brings harmony, improves performance.

PERIDOT (heart chakra) promotes positivity, all types of love, forgiveness, compassion, heals emotional trauma, lessens ego, prosperity, luck, aura cleanses, balances chakras.

RED JASPER (root chakra) manifestation, balances energies of excess (addiction, obsessive-compulsive behavior) grounds, stabilizes. 

ROSE QUARTZ (heart chakra) compassion, kindness, unconditional love, self-love, emotional healing, joy, peace, playfulness

SODALITE (throat and third eye chakra) speaking personal truth, communicates effectively, emotional balance, connection to intuition and spiritual guidance

TIGERS EYE (solar plexus chakra) self-expression, self-worth, self-esteem, self-definition, self-love, self-concept, self-criticism, manifests goals. 

BLACK TOURMALINE AND CLEAR QUARTZ (crown and root chakras) manifestation of desires, increases vitality, rejuvenates and revitalizes, purification

TURQUOISE (throat chakra) personal power, luck and prosperity, safe travels, speaking one’s truth, gives voice to creative ideas, promotes ambition and empowerment, calming, absorbs excessive energy, harmonizes 



ENERGY: grapefruit, lemon, lime, basil

FOCUS: rosemary, lemon, peppermint

GROUNDING: palo santo, frankincense, cedarwood

LOVE: Bergamont, vanilla, lemon, ylang ylang

MANIFEST: pine needle, angelica, frankincense

MEDITATON: frankincense, ylang ylang , sandelwood

The carrier base of these blends is jojoba oil.


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