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Simpli Rooted

Simpli Rooted Face Serum

Simpli Rooted Face Serum

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Your go-to SKIN oil!

This is such an amazing combination of oils.  It is made with pure high quality organic essential oils; that is it- nothing fake, no fillers and no fragrances. Just pure goodness from Mother Earth. It's simple and so effective. 

Simpli Rooted Face Serum will replace your moisturizer. It has a lot of uses and helps in a variety of skin issues. It helps with; hormonal acne, acne scarring, skin tone, hydrating, cystic acne, roescea, dermatitis and smoothing your skin. 

It has been proven to be great and effective on BABIES that have head and face rashes.

SUNBURNS! oh my - We use this blend all summer long! It amazingly helps the burn; eases the pain, gives soothing relief, reduces peeling and the healing process. 

 Suggested Directions: Apply a few drops to your face and neck after you have washed   morning and night.  

If applying on a sunburn, apply multiple times a day. 

Made with organic high quality essential oils : rose hip, frankincense, niaouli, yarrow, copaiba.

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