What is a Foot Zone?

A foot zone works all the body; emotional, physical, etheric and mental.  You will relax in a zero gravity chair and I will work the signals on your feet. 

Plan on 1 hour. 

The signal system in our feet is a direct link between our DNA code in every cell and our feet, connecting through our bodies light vessels and light wheels; our Divine energy system. 

The DNA is connected to your inner blueprint, which is holding the memory of how to renew the cells in our body. If the connections between the blueprint and the DNA code are disconnected the DNA code no longer holds the memory to renew the cells. 

When our DNA code is disconnected from our inner blueprint, we feel older and we become sick and dont remember who we are we we experience metal, emotional and physical pain. 

The zoning process of the feet reconnects the disconnected energy/light vessels between the mental, emotional and physical body; transfers the true matrix of Gods blueprint into our life and into earth to remember our true divinity. 

In the zoning process, the DNA code once again remembers how to build a perfect cell and to rebuild the organs in our body from the original, which always existed in our inner blueprint and always is perfect.

This brilliant signal system on and in our feet always gives out an imprint of who you are. Whenever you walk, your feet are printing your intentions, your thoughts, your feelings, your knowledge and you attainment. Your imprint always influences the earth and every living being. 

Information from Nordbloom American Institute of FootZonology