What is a Back Zone?

A back zone targets the Emotional body and the Physical body, as these two go hand in hand. You will lay on a massage table, face down, where the signals of the back will be worked, as well as your arms and head. For about an hour you will lay.

Back Zoning involves four methods; Back Zone Analysis, Back ZoneBalance , Back Tissue Rejuvenation and Aromatic Back Massage.

Whatever you have emotionally been engaged in has made an imprint in your feeling body. These imprints in your life can be seen and analyzed on your back. They can be balanced, aligned and corrected.

During a treatment, we utilize the signals on the back to balance the emotional body, raising your awareness about emotional behavior and formations, your own beliefs and feelings which have influenced your life and health. 

Back Tissue Rejuvenation increases the blood circulation and cleanses the tissue, the lymph, the spinal nerves and the bone structure, as well as balancing the autonomic nervous system, inner organs and hormones. When the body's capacity for self-cleansing has been exceeded, the inner lymph system will dump waste products into the connective tissue and the muscular tissue. 

Back Tissue Rejuvenation is also instrumental in improving the appearance of the body. 

**Information from Nordbloom American Institute of FootZonology