What is a Face Zone?

A Face Zone targets the mental body.

What to expect: For about an hour , you will lay face up on a massage table where I will work the signals on the face, as well as the arms and head. You should be rejuvenated and mentally lighter after a treatment. 

The signal system in the face is directly connected to the limbic system in the brain and from our limbic system to our Inner Blueprint. 

There are four methods involved in FaceZonology; Face Zone Analysis, Face Zone Balance , Face Tissue Rejuvenation and Aromatic Face Massage. 

Whatever your eyes have seen,

whatever your ears have heard,

whatever your mouth has tasted,

whatever your nose has smelled,

whatever your hand has touched,

has made an imprint in your mental body. These imprints in your life can be seen, balanced, aligned and corrected in your face. 

To balance the mental body, you must raise your awareness about your own beliefs and mental formations which has influenced your life and health. Face  Zone Balance helps correct, repair and rejuvenate your hormones, inner organs and bring your mind and body back to a self correcting state. 

During Face Tissue Rejuvenation there will be increased blood circulation, cleansing the tissue, the lymph, the spinal nerves and the bone structure, as well as balancing inner organs and hormones. 

Informations from Nordbloom American Institute of FootZonology.